Automotive Glass

Automotive Windshield


Automotive Glass is our specialty, we are experts in the field and we never accept failure. 

Laminated Safety Glass - Vehicle front windshields and newer front door glasses consist of this type of glass. Laminated Glass consists of two pieces if float glass sandwiched between a sheet of vinyl, the vinyl is the key point as it holds your windshield together in a crash also keeps those pesky stone chips from going through your windshield. 

Door, Quarter & Rear Tempered


Currently in all door glasses and rear windows in a vehicle. 

Tempered Glass is over 100 times stronger than regular glass and is very durable, it gets this way when it is temporized in a oven at over 620 degrees Celsius. Tempered Glass will shatter into small pieces so if you are needing to escape from the vehicle you will be able to by breaking the glass and clearing the opening. 

All Insurance Claim Welcomed


Make us your first stop when dealing with insurance claims. 

We take all the hassle out of dealing with insurance companies, we have the expertise and know the ins and out when it comes to coverage. 

Have Road Hazard Glass Coverage? 

Stop in we we can get you looked after, Stone Chip no problem most insurance cover 100%, crack obstructing your view don't worry stop in and let us do all the work. 

See in store for more details

Stone Chip Repair


OH DARN! Probably what you said if you ever got one of these nasty things, don't worry we got you covered we have done thousands of stone chip repairs with happy customers and clearer vision for all our customers not remembering that "OH DARN" moments earlier.

Stone Chip Repairs take as little as 20 minutes to be complete and might not even cost you a penny! Stop in for details. 

Stone Chip Repair is a cost efficient solution preventive maintenance before it's to late and your windshield need to be replaced.



RV / Antique Vehicles


Classic Beauties & Massive RV'S are always a must, you always want to be safe when traveling with friends and family and you always want you prize possessions to look its best.

We have access to thousands of different models of classic and RV windows, some classics we are the only shop in Canada with stock so chances are if we don't have it we can get it. 

RV & Classics not in stock may take one to two weeks to get in, no need to hold up progress just stop in and let us help. 

RV windows can be expensive don't worry stop in and we can talk about insurance options. 



Our in stock items consist of approximately 3000 - 4000 various foreign and domestic windshields, our stock is only getting bigger. 

We are proud to say we have windshields in stock that only us have in all Canada.

We not only have regular vehicle windows in stock we also stock Semi and Tempered parts. 

We pride our self on having a wide variety of windshields in stock so our customers do not have to wait longer than they need, one benefit for our customers is we have all this stock we always try to blow out inventory to bring in more.  

If we don't have a specific window in stock 90% of the time if we order in the morning we can have same day and install same day. 

Stop in and check out our stock. 

Semi, Heavy Equipment & Farm Machinery ....We Do That!

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