Commercial Glass


All Your Commercial Repair Needs!

All commercial businesses have glass, some more specialized than the other but that is okay, don't panic just call us and we will fix it in a jiff because we know the show must go on and business cannot stop. 

All insurance claims welcomed 

Call our 24/7 Emergency after hours number and we will be there to help, and take the stress off your shoulders.


Store Front Repairs

 Vandalism, Break In, Accident, Weather ... These are some of the actions that can break store fronts, some more than others but no worries we have lots of commercial store front glass in-stock and because we know your customers are #1 that enter your business and keeping them safe is a #1 priority. 

We will be there right away to clean up all the broken glass and cover broken area with a protective material to make sure no one get hurt while we are making and repairing the broken unit. 

Business Must Go On !!!! 


Fire Rated Safety Glass

Fire Rated Wired Safety Glass is used in businesses all over North Battleford for the purpose of fire code compliance.


Wire Safety Glass is not only used in the fire aspect but also theft deterrence, the wire between the glass acts like rebar in concrete which holds the concrete together from expansion and contraction, now wire safety glass will break but will hold together better than regular glass, and with the wire holding together does not allow foreign objects to enter as easily.