Residential Glass


Need New Windows & Doors?


PVC Windows & Doors are a wonderful renovation choice for New and Older style houses, new PVC windows & doors can bring a houses appearance back they can make you ask yourself "Is this my house?".

There are many different style of PVC windows & doors, I will tell you what I tell all of our customers "If you can imagine it we can probably get it made, and if we can't we will find something close for you" 

 Our PVC windows & doors are also made from a family owned company LUX Windows & Doors they manufacture them in Calgary, AB the reason we choose to be with this company is that they believe in quality and not quantity, they make every window in their back warehouse and every one is custom made by one of their technicians and not on a conveyor belt.  

Visit there site for more information on our line of PVC windows & Doors and see just how great they are.

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Have a Broken Window ?


BANG!! A rock from your lawn mower was just thrown at your window, what do you do? change everything?

No, just change the glass, if your frame is still good and only the glass is broke... just fix what is broken. 

We stock large sheets of glass always at the ready when you need it most, single pane, double or triple pane, we do it all and we will do it in a hurry.

Don't know what you have? 

No problem, that's why we are the experts. There are somethings you can do to find out what you have in your window, if you refer to the image on the right you will see the three most common glazing types 

  • Single Pane which consists of one pane of glass with no metal or foam spacer between the glass, now you can have two panes of glass but if there is no metal or foam spacer than it is only a single pane of glass. 
  • Dual Pane consists of two panes of glass with a sealed air space between, the air space with be of foam or metal which helps in insulating against weather conditions. 
  • Triple Pane consists of three panes of glass just as the dual pane it will also have an air space between the glass and will be either foam or metal. 

Dual and Triple Sealed units may contain a Low E type glass which helps even more with insulating against cold weather, there is device that can detect Low E glass there is also a slight tint to the glass.

Don't fuss, when in doubt just call


Glass Inside Your House Broken? No Problem!


We know the glass outside breaks, but what about the glass inside? with kids running around and accidents happening we got you covered. 

We have many types of glass in-stock and hundreds we can order at a moments notice and receive within a week. See below what we all offer:

  • Beveled & Polished Edges 
  • Mirrors(Beveled)
  • Etching on Glass
  • Custom Mirror Art 
  • Custom Glass Work 
  • Patterned Glass / Colored Glass
  • Cut to Size 
  • Fireplace Glass
  • Screen Repair
  • Lexan / Plexi Glass 
  • Tempered Glass
  • Wood & Aluminum Window Repair
  • Picture Frame Glass  
  • ​Cabinet Glass